NET ~ control

CQ – SSB – net control  “ Berlin / Brandenburg „
data you should know and do not forget:
 weeksday every sunday
 start time up 19.00 GMT
 end time 21:30 GMT — depending on pilup 🙂
 QRG CB – channel 3 
 frequency 26,985 MHz
 modulation SSB => USB ( J3J )
 Ant.-polarization mostly vertical
 distance Radius SWL up to 180 km

USB-Net-control TRX from Berlin and mostly federal state of Brandenburg .

Net control starts in middle of 2013 with some first handfull operators.
CB and HAM radiofans with equal interests, communicate and experiment at once are on air this time on 26.985 USB.
Now in the year of 2018 calling mostly around 20 to 70 different station on this QRG.
Every sunday minimum of one station is also portable on smal hills around and inside of Berlin.